Privacy Policy

Opening Statement

Effective Date March 9th, 2021

This Privacy Policy explains how the entity may collect, use, and process the personal information you provide on Stim Money (the “We”, “Site”, our”, “us”). You consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with the content of this Privacy Policy when you submit your information to the entity through this Stim Money.


Applicability and third-party wesbites and services

This Privacy Policy applies to the privacy practices related to the Stim Money – Stim Money. It does not reflect and apply to the processing activities of third-party websites that may be linked to Stim Money or third-party web pages or other online services that are displayed on Stim Money. This Privacy Policy does not apply if you supply information to a third-party Stim Money or service whose link is placed within Stim Money.


We may collect your personal information in the following ways:

Stim Money may use cookies or other technologies to automatically collect information from Stim Money visitors. Additionally, visitors may voluntarily provide information to Stim Money when they inquire about our goods and services or submit forms through Stim Money.


Types of Information we may collect:

Any personal information that we collect and store is within scope and governed by this Privacy Policy. “Personal information” is defined as any data or information that may be used by itself or on conjunction with other data to identify an individual. This may include name, mailing address, e-mail address, IP address, marketing preferences, device or browser identifiers, and information collected from third parties.


How we may use the information we collect.

We, or our third parties may use or process the personal information we collect via methods such as combining the collected personally identifiable information. This information includes the information such as: your email address, along with information that does not identify you personally, such as your IP address, device ID, a unique cookie, or information associated with such non-personally identifiable information, such as information about your browsing history, whether collected on this site or a third-party site. We, or third parties we work with may also use this combined information to send you content about our products and services either by email or other means of communication.

Our third parties may receive information from us which they would use for the purpose of usage in their own marketing activities. If you do not want us to share your Personally Identifying Information (PII) with third parties for their own marketing purposes, you may submit an opt-out request here.


Targeted Ads and Analytics Services

Information that we may be collected includes, but is not be limited to, information about the Stim Moneys you’ve viewed and advertisements you’ve interacted with, along with your IP address, date and time of interaction, your ISP and the browser you use to visit this Site. We also may have relationships with third party advertising and analytics companies that place advertisements on our behalf on other Stim Moneys, perform tracking and reporting functions for those sites and our advertisements, and place third party advertisements on our Site. Such information may be combined with personally identifiable information (PII) such as your name or email address or other information that could be used to identify you, and which may be used, among other things, to deliver advertising, including by email, and through Facebook, from us and from other companies targeted to your preferences and interests, and to better understand your interactions with our site and advertisements, and other Stim Moneys and advertisements observed by these advertising companies. To learn more about targeted advertising, analytics services and your choices, including how to opt-out of some third party ads, advertising networks and ad servers, you may wish to visit the DAA Consumer Opt-Out PageNAI Consumer Opt-Out Page, and Google’s information page.


Cookies and Other Technology

Stim Money’s website uses several different types of cookies, or data that is stored on your computer to track and use information about our visitors. Some cookies are required for our Site to function properly. Although you may disable these cookies, the Stim Money may not work, as expected. Analytics/performance cookies may be used to track how you interact with our Stim Money. Targeting cookies may be used to track you when you visit our Site and your behavior as you navigate our content.

You may opt out of certain types of cookies, but please note that this may decrease quality of Stim Money’s services and Stim Money.


Your Choices regarding collection of your information.

You may change how we collect and process your personal information by contacting us at [email protected]. This includes if you would like to opt out of receiving targeting and other marketing material or ads from us, or if you would like to have an accounting of the information we have about you. You have the right to have your data deleted from our systems, as well as to decline any cookies that we may set through your browser settings.  We do not respond to “Do Not Track” (DNT) signals.


California Privacy Rights:

You are afforded different privacy rights based in some part on where you live or reside. California regulates your privacy if you are a resident, and affords you some additional privacy safeguards. You may opt-out of having your information shared with third parties for direct marketing activities. You may ask what information we have collected or shared or processed about you. You may ask us to remove your information from the system or account.  If you would like to exercise these additional rights, please contact us at [email protected].


Children’s Privacy

This Stim Money (Stim Money) is intended for users within the United States. In the United States, this Stim Money is not intended for use by persons under 13 years of age. The age-related definition of ‘children’ is different per jurisdiction. It is intended for use by only by general audience. Please reach out to us through the email information below if you believe we have collected, or we are presently collecting personal information from a person under the age of 13. If we either become aware or are informed that we have inadvertently collected personal information from a child under the age of 13, we will delete the collected information.


Updates to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update, change or amend this Privacy Policy and the associated practices at any time by posting an updated Privacy Policy on the Stim Money (Stim Money), without a prior notice. Revision and updates to existing policies is a standard step in our overall governance activities. In any case, the updated or revised Privacy Policy will be active only from the ‘effective date’ posted at the very beginning of the privacy policy.


Personal Information Transferred to the U.S.

This Stim Money (Stim Money) is intended for users located within the United States. By accessing or using the services in the Stim Money, you understand and expressly acknowledge that the personal information the Stim Money collects may be transferred to and processed in the United States. You consent to transfers and processing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If you are accessing this Stim Money from outside of the United States, you also acknowledge that the scope of privacy protections in your jurisdiction may not extend to existing global privacy regulations, and specifically those in the U.S.


Where To Reach Us

If you have any questions, and enquiries related to privacy, please reach us at [email protected].


The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA): Rights, provisions to consumer and other mandatory information.

CCPA Consumer rights:

  • The right to request a copy of personal information collected by the company about him or her during the 12 months before their request. The right to have such information deleted by the company.
  • The right to request disclosure of the company’s business data collection and sales practices in relation to the customer, which include: the categories of personal information the company has collected, and the source of the information.
  • The right to request that the consumer’s personal information not be sold to third parties, if applicable.
  • The right not to be discriminated against because the consumer exercised any of the new rights under The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).

Company’s CCPA practices:

  • The categories of personal information disclosed for a business purpose in the past 12 months for purposes related to: Auditing, verify or maintain the quality or safety of a service, and detecting security incidents. performing services on behalf of the business, product/ service troubleshooting, undertaking internal research for product/service/technology development.
  • A list of all the categories of personal information that have been collected in the past 12 months is available in the Section.
  • Consumer will be able to make a personal information request twice in a 12-month period Purposes for using each category of collected information can be reviewed in the section ‘How we may use the collected information’.
  • The company provides two channels for receiving personal requests: a web page and a toll-free telephone number (833) 676-1568. The process for making a request through either channel is available here.
  • The company collects information from the requesting consumer so that it can verify his/her identity. The sources of each category of personal information are as follows: data partners, data brokers, user-entered data, and from data obtained via cookies.
  • The categories of personal information sold in the past 12 months: are available in the “Types of Information we may collect” section.
  • The company provides a page/link titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information,”. The consumer can opt out of having his or her information sold. This link can be accessed in the footer of the website home page.
  • The company will respond within 45 days and no later than 45 days of receiving a personal information request.